100 in 100

100 in 100

One hundred paintings in 100 days. . . . sounds like a challenge! Starting October 1st I will be doing just that. The 5 X 7 paintings will be completed "alla prima". This technique is where the painting is completed all at once while the paint is still wet. Other techniques like glazing, underpainting or layering the paint does lend itself well for studio paintings. This challenge will build my skills in composition, drawing, and values. You have less time to make mistakes so accuracy is important.

These little jewels will be posted here and on my Facebook page daily. These unframed paintings will also be available for purchase for $100. Please contact me if interested.

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"Grandmas Favorite" - 100 in 100
"Grandma's Favorite"

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"Grandmas Favorite"100 in 100 - Sold -
"Grandma's Favorite"

"Rocky Mountain Sunset"100 in 100 -
"Rocky Mountain Sunset"

"Cherokee Ranch Mourning Dove"100 in 100 -
"Cherokee Ranch Mourning Dove"

"Deadfall at Brent Creek Road"100 in 100 -
"Deadfall at Brent Creek Road"

"Oklahoma Beauty"100 in 100 -
"Oklahoma Beauty"

"The Market"100 in 100 -
"The Market"

"African Moon Moth"100 in 100 -
"African Moon Moth"

"Fond Memories"100 in 100 -
"Fond Memories"

"Koi Pond"100 in 100 -
"Koi Pond"

"Bighorn Country"100 in 100 -
"Bighorn Country"

"Thunderhead Ranch Tenants"100 in 100 -
"Thunderhead Ranch Tenants"

"Time Gone By"100 in 100 -
"Time Gone By"

"Southern Belle"100 in 100 -
"Southern Belle"

"Double Cabin Moose"100 in 100 -
"Double Cabin Moose"

"Warmth of the Sun"100 in 100 -
"Warmth of the Sun"

"Winter Trail"100 in 100 -
"Winter Trail"

"White Elegance"100 in 100 -
"White Elegance"

"Fall Harmony"100 in 100 -
"Fall Harmony"

"Spring Snow"100 in 100 -
"Spring Snow"

100 in 100 -

"Sange de Cristo Sunset"100 in 100 -
"Sange de Cristo Sunset"

"Pumpkin Truck"100 in 100 -
"Pumpkin Truck"

"Morning Visitor"100 in 100 -
"Morning Visitor"

"Golden Opportunity"100 in 100 -
"Golden Opportunity"

"Stilt"100 in 100 -

"Thunderhead Ranch Guard"100 in 100 -
"Thunderhead Ranch Guard"

"Moment in Time"100 in 100 -
"Moment in Time"

100 in 100 -

"100 in 100 -

"A Day in Paradise"100 in 100 -
"A Day in Paradise"

"Spring"100 in 100 -

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