Wildlife in Pastels
by Janeice Linden

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"Morning Flight" - EgretsWelcome to the Wildlife Art Website of Janeice Linden -Wildlife in Pastels by Janeice Linden
"Morning Flight" - Egrets

Welcome to the Wildlife Art Website of Janeice Linden

"Art is about the process, not the finished piece. My journey started with renderings of figures in graphite, then to colored pencil, acrylic, pastel and oil. Paintings of wildlife and nature are now my passion. The challenging task of fieldwork and reference gathering has made me appreciate my surroundings. The simple pleasure of witnessing those fleeting moments in nature has been lost in our fast paced society.

Although my paintings are realistic in style, I want the true essence and beauty in nature to be seen by the viewer. Breathing life into the subject for the viewer to experience is every artist`s goal. "Photographic" quality is not what I strive for. Discovering what the human eye sees in a subject versus a camera lens is inspiring. My goal is to encourage the viewer to see the awe and beauty in nature I have found."
Janeice Linden

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